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Drawing from a diverse range of influences in my music including alternative rock, rock n roll, indie folk, anti-folk, old-time, classical, hip hop, and the blues, my live performances weave together my original alt-folk compositions with covers of traditional folk songs that span generations. I often find myself switching between acoustic guitar, piano, ukelele, and the occasional banjo or mandolin, and use a shruti box to accompany myself with a simple drone during Gaelic chants and old primitive Baptist hymns. I'm grateful to usually be joined by a rotating cast of roving instrumentalists, who help bring my music to life on strings, brass, woodwinds, accordion, harmonica, harmonium, and the famous dancing chicken. 

"Intuitive perceptive compositions and compelling performance!"

-Mark Wingerter
The Carolinian

Original Indie Chamber Alt-Folk


My live sets tend to be a mix of raw passion, sly wit, and down-to-earth vulnerability.  Lyrically I am drawn to themes of grief, courage, longing, and defiant hope, and I always seek to maintain a balance between the playful, the profound, and the prophetic. There is nearly always some storytelling, some self-deprecation, and some kind of invitation for audience participation. 

Albums & Recordings

I've also independently recorded, produced, and released several singles as well as full-length albums.

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Booking Info

I've been performing live music since the age of 16, when I first took the stage at Tate Street Coffeehouse in my hometown of Greensboro, NC. From the late '90s to 2005, I mostly played drums as part of an indie-punk trio in which we regularly rotated instruments. Since then, I have performed countless solo shows on stages across the U.S. and around the world - at festivals, auditoriums, theaters, restaurants, street corners, churches, dive bars, town fairs, coffeeshops, and house shows. I've performed on both radio and television, and have also participated in a number of musical theatre performances.

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Sample Stage Plot

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Live Videos

Liturgical Music & Chant

I occasionally provide music leadership for liturgy, worship, and religious ritual in a variety of contexts.

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Live Sound

I can provide my own sound equipment for smaller venues, and am also available for hire at extremely competitive rates to provide sound setup, stage management, and/or live mixing for small, simple events. Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested to find out if I can help meet your needs at a reasonable price point.


Equipment List​

Yamaha Stagepas 600i with 10-channel mixer, 680W power output, and USB connection port for iphone/ipad input

Crate Traveler's PA system with 6/8-channel mixer and 100W power output (for smaller venues)

4 microphones + XLR mic cables

3 instrument cables

2 boom microphone stands

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