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One-on-one Enneagram-based guidance in spiritual growth, discernment, and practice

Writer. MusicianSpeaker. Consultant. Spiritual Director. I wear a lot of different hats! With a B.A. in communication studies and music, I spent my twenties working in marketing and media by day while performing as a singer-songwriter by night. In my thirties I embarked on a quest to become a total nerd, moving to New York City to earn my master's degree (M.Div.) from Union Theological Seminary, where I pursued advanced research in spirituality, psychology, theology, liturgy, comparative religion, and the arts. 


For the past 15 years, my heart has been rooted in and guided by the ancient pathways of contemplative Christianity. My passion is to help unleash the healing and life-giving Spirit of creativity, imagination, and play that is present within the heart of each and every person. My training as a spiritual director allows me to draw on a variety of modalities, both ancient and modern, to support people in their journey of integration and discernment. Through classes, workshops, and retreats, I offer unique and customizable opportunities for spiritual formation and adult education that integrate spirituality, science, and sociology, in order to help people feel more connected to themselves, to one another, and to God. 


Through my academic writingpreaching, and most recently my blog, I explore the intersections of religion, myth, pop culture (particularly film), science, psychology, and the arts. My writing seeks to challenge many of the blind spots and assumptions of modern Western culture while building bridges of understanding between diverse communities and cultures. I especially delight in helping people and institutions bridge the gap between "sacred" or "spiritual" experience and the seemingly ordinary moments of everyday "secular" life. 

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Throughout this website, you'll find images that I've taken from throughout my life. While I'm not a professional photographer, I have always loved photography and I consider it one of my primary spiritual practices. The word "amateur" has taken on a derogatory meaning in our capitalist culture, but it originally comes from the French term for "love."  Rather than denoting a lack of skill, it simply suggested the commitment to practice something for the sake of love rather than profit.


Trying to capture the feeling of a moment or convey the sense of a place within one small frame is truly one of my favorite creative challenges, especially when traveling. This gallery offers a collection of some of my favorite photos, but be sure to check out my Travel Page for a more extensive portfolio. My photography practice has given me "eyes to see" many things along the way that I might have otherwise missed, and I'm grateful that I can share some of them with you. Thanks for stopping by! 

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